Have you lost this weight, but experienced severe fallbacks on the long run?

Have you even tested some “special” diets, with more or less important successes on the short term?

Can you remember how you felt during those diets? 

Did you consider this suffering as “the price to pay”?


Do you count calories?

Are you convinced that fat makes you fat?

Do you think that cereals and fruit are healthier food choices than eggs and bacon?

Have you been told that you only need more exercise?



If you answered with a YES to most of those questions, you are not alone. Common “wisdom” still makes us believe that discipline, fat-free products, more “healthy” carbs and regular exercise are the solution to the ideal weight, whatever this means to you. If nothing of this helps, there are diet drugs, special body lotions…. who are the solutions to fix it.


The figures of the WHO show: our “developed” society is more overweight than ever. There are numerous new illnesses popping up and there is a epidemic of the so called metabolic syndrome, a combination of obesity, high blood pressure, elevated triglyceride and glucose values in your blood. We get older, but not healthier. We live longer but we do not thrive. We eat too much, know it, eat less for a short period of time to lose weight and start all over again. Pharmaceutical industry, fitness rooms, light products etc. supposedly are there to fix all and there are certainly huge benefits – especially for them and their profits, one of the reasons why things do not change as fast as they could.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Albert Einstein


What about changing the point of view?


On this blog you will:

  • receive material helping you to question and revolutionize common wisdom about today’s dietary recommendations even if they come from an “official” source.
  • receive valuable news (book recommendations, studies, lectures…) and information proving that what you read here might be the right solution for you too.
  • receive regular motivation helping you to do something very important for your health.

This site is not about…

  • Pushing you to yet another trendy diet, because Primal Eating is not a diet.
  • Selling you industrialized food as all you need can be found in nature.
  • Giving medical advice as I am not a doctor.

You will learn:

  • How to combine it with your daily routines.
  • How to bring it in line with your social life.
  • How to stay on track on the long run.

Over time you will improve:

  • Your health.
  • Your fitness Level.
  • Your strength.
  • Your immune System.
  • Your sleep.
  • Your weight.

You will experience freedom from food and health “industry”


I’ve done the whole journey

… so I know how challenging it is to resist the daily temptations as you are – for the moment – probably sugar addicted, leptin- or insulin resistent. You might be unsure if it will work out for you this time. You will have to dispute common wisdom, friends, colleagues and sometimes even family potentially scoffing off or laughing at you, trying to make you look stupid or ridiculous. Most of them are simply claiming that it is a trend, a modern diet like so many others. They will claim that this trend is as good or bad as any other and that it will pass. You will read articles or studies in the media trying to prove you wrong. (a closer look at the sponsor behind the initial study might be quite revealing). I also know about all the excuses and lies we sometimes like to offer ourselves in weak moments. (I am too weak. I have bad genes. I’m addicted to spinning. I need my bread. I don’t have time. It’s expensive. It’s complicated …)

The bad news

You can’t rely on the comfort of common wisdom any more: you will have to think for yourself.

The good news

You have nothing to lose. The status quo is known: the statistics for obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome etc. published by WHO – clearly prove that common wisdom does not work.


Let’s get started!


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8 thoughts on “Are you one of those that regularly need to lose some weight?

  1. Génial !! votre blog est génial, merci de diffuser de VRAIES infos, elles sont si rares et tellement étouffées par les lobbies et autres théories boiteuses !!!
    Je partage sur ma page Facebook, car quand j’ai ce genre de discours auprès de mes proches, je ne suis jamais prise au sérieux. Si mes propos sont relayés et confirmés par les vôtres, peut-être qu’ils auront davantage de crédibilité à leurs yeux…
    Merci en tout cas, car en plus j’e apprends davantage en vous lisant.

  2. Metteg, wei geseit et aus mat der ernährungsform wann een morbis crohn an polyathritis( weichteilrheuma) huet!
    Hun mat 36 joer no der 1 schwangerschaft 146 kg hat firdrun mam medi xenical 36 kg an 6 meint ofgehol an hun missen ophalen duech ssw, hat an 5 meint rem alles zougehol an zum schluss 146 kg!
    Krut meng schong net mei gestreckt war deck a nach meih fett!
    Hun mech dun mam dokter entschloss eng mopverklengerung ze machen waat no 10 joer e minus fun 31 kg bruecht huet sin lo em 110-118 kg schwanken ech bei 176 cm.
    Hun mettlerweil 2 kanner
    46 joer an um verzweifelen!

  3. Moien, main numm ass conny an weilt o gär eps änneren… Mais ech well eps fannen wat an den alldaag passt, an Är Methoud gefällt mer ganz gud.
    Dofie wollt ech gär mei Infos kreien, wei dat fonktionneiert an wat een na sou mecht.

    1. Ech breicht ähr helef
      Mein numm ass zinnen carole hun 37 joher sin mam gastriquebaypass opreiert hat 128kg an elo sin ech ob 108kg weilt gähren off huellen an breicht dann ähr helef w.e.g

      1. Mir kennen daat ganz gären zesumme kucken. Merci fir Är Ufro. Ech sinn allerdings am Ament an der Vakanz a kommen den 9.5. erem. Ech melle mech da wann ech erem zu Lëtzebuerg sinn. 🙂

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