Today, I am a Primal Blueprint Certified Coach

But it has not always been like this

I had been struggling with my weight for so many years that I have forgotten to put a finger at the exact period when it all began. It probably started with bad nutrition habits during my childhood. I grew up with all sorts of bread, cereal products, “cocoa-butter”, Muesli (on the days I wanted to eat “healthily”), Jam, Orange Juice, all kind of soda’s, pasta, sausages, french fries, vegetables from cans and a lot of practical, industrialized food, promising to make life easier and faster. But in reality, all I got with this food, was a dangerous sugar conditioning, which – of course – nobody really knew at that time. Well, maybe my grandma was frowning from time to time, considering that I would have been better off with the food from her garden than with the canned stuff we ate at home, as we had two hardworking parents that did not invest time, money or a deeper thought into healthy eating habits. Oh yeah … the 70s and 80s … The first time I started to feel unhappy with my shape and fitness was as a teenager, so I decided to do something about it.

The odyssey

I never would have expected, with this decision and no knowledge at all about the hormonal and biochemical processes in a human body, that I would worsen, with every single diet, my situation on the long run! This decision to control weight (I did not think about health at that time) became a vicious circle of hard work, discipline, hunger, restriction, injuries and regular fallbacks. I destroyed my metabolism, running from one diet to another relying on the information that losing weight is exclusively linked to reducing calories and fat and increasing chronic exercise. I even remember having done a pineapple diet for a week and I still flinch at the thought of how I felt those days. It goes without saying that I was not able to do any serious effort that week and that every lost pound came back, with some more pounds as a special “bonus”. If you remember only one sentence of this paragraph it would be the following: Any diet, as innocent as it may be, will bury you deeper into the abyss that you have to carve out on the long term.

And it worked

Well … somehow. Most of the times I was slender. Sometimes, I even was too skinny. But looking skinny more often than not was exclusively linked to a strong personal willpower and had nothing to do with fun, healthy eating or sports habits. During those times my life was dictated by counting calories and endless hours on the treadmill or jogging in the woods. As soon as I gave up this heartbreaking discipline, easily disrupted by a stress period or an injury, I gained every kilo back, and even more. In January 2012, after an extended period of immense professional stress, I weighed over 100 kg, which was seriously overweight and suffered from the typical health problems connected to weight problems: high blood pressure, disastrous blood values, short-windedness, bad sleep, etc.  The battle seemed lost. In that moment, I received a most valuable professional advice from a doctor: what if it were the sugar and the carbs and not the fats? She recommended a book, nothing more.

The release


It changed everything! I started with low carb high fat diet. The thinner, healthier stronger and fitter I became, the more I wanted to understand why these new eating habits that were so diametrically different from the recommendations we have been reading all those years (and even today) worked so much better than the conventional calorie counting, low fat diet. So I digged deeper into the matter, engaged into studying the subject and obtained the Primal Blueprint Certification in February 2015. Here I am now: leaner, stronger, healthier than ever before. No suffering, no hunger, no restriction. Just fit and happy. And capable, both on education and personal experience, to pass the message and knowledge on to you if you wish.

I’ll keep you posted with information, encouragement, recipes and interesting stuff I read or experiences I want to share with you.

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