Nutrition is medicine.

What we eat influences our health, our fitness and our weight by 80%.


So, the very first thing we have to think about, is our nutrition: what, how much, where does it grow?

What about the remaining 20%?

The Primal Lifestyle is more than just eating real, unprocessed food. The Primal Lifestyle invites us to move, to  live, to sleep and to sunbathe the way our genes have designed us to. We never, ever should forget what we are and where we come from: first and foremost an Evolution that took millions of years to get us where we are now and Nature, even if we have modified our environment in a most dangerous way. Our bodies, our genetical imprint, expect us to:


Move regularly at a moderate pace!

Imitating the process of looking for food, because that’s what our genes remembershutterstock_231019996


Lift heavy things from time to time!

And be prepared to face unexpected, difficult situations.



Sprint once in a while!

As if we were hunting a prey or being hunted by a predator.



Chronic exercise causes constant exhaustion and consequently systemic inflammation by excess cortisol production




Get enough sun in order to be protected against cancer (yes! I’m serious!)


Get adequate sleep!

Sleep when we are supposed to: get up with the sun and go to sleep with the sun



Go barefoot as often as possible!

Our feet are the most important part of our legs. Don’t lose contact with mother earth by confining your feet into shoes that cause problems with the rest of your skeleton. It’s the most natural way to move!



If you respect your genetical imprint you will not only lose weight or improve your health. No that’s not enough! You will rebalance your life! You will feel healthy, strong, fit, relaxed and be more effective under pressure. Even if, nowadays, there are no predators any more … alertness and the faculty of a short, intense sprint might save your life if a truck does not see the red lights while you are crossing the streets … Living primally is extremely easy and relaxing – because it is so natural! You will, maybe, even have to reduce your exercise level as – depending on what you do – less can be more.

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