Denken ouni Grenzen

Denken ouni Grenzen

Für diesen Artikel war ich wohl wieder in meiner Muttersprache Luxemburgisch inspiriert. Ich empfehle hier uneingeschränkt eines der wertvollsten Bücher in meiner Bibliothek einen ganz besonderen Platz einnehmen: SAPIENS von Yuval Noah Harrari. Es ist in fast alle Sprachen übersetzt und ich kann es Ihnen nur wärmstens empfehlen.

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Nathalie, born in 1970, married, 4 cats has been a client advisor in financial business for 25 years and has added the Primal Blueprint Certification to be able to advise clients in health/dietary and sports issues as well. She is exceptionally well positioned to help out as she not only has the theoretical knowledge but has experienced the same problems that many people face. The Primal and Paleo nutrition and lifestyles keep her healthy and strong. She has not visited a supermarket for food since January 2012 and finds all she needs on local markets. Today, she is plain fit, happy, strong and healthy. 3 sessions of High Intensity Training with Crossfit and Core Elements, regular bicycle trips and a lot of walking keep her fit to face all the challenges that life may present.