Symbiosis – sym·​bi·​o·​sis

The living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms (as in parasitism or commensalism)

It is a territory that has been populated and civilized over the centuries. It possesses marvelous natural and cultural wealth, appreciated by both local residents and visitors. The landscape breathes tranquility and respect, where uncivil behavior has no place. Each and every one of us, and all future visitors, should be able to enjoy the countryside as it had never been visited before. No trace of our visit should remain, the Biosphere Reserve is to be taken care of.

Even the cities breathe this tranquility and offer an impressive cleanliness: no cigarette ends, plastic or paper waste, even no chewing gum traces can be seen on the sidewalk. The cities are clean as if they were new.

Our bicycle tour invited us to make a stop here and there to admire, enjoy and memorize. On such a stop, friendly residents might ask us – uninvited – if they can help us. If asked for directions, they will tell you a lot more: about their history, best places to be seen and some personal anecdotes …

The residents do not have much – and do not seem to need more than they have. They are extraordinarily nice to their animals they share their life with as much as they are attentive to their environment. Nowhere you can see the horrible monocultural agriculture covered with plastic sheets. The residents seem to please themselves with their gardens, orange and citrus trees, their animals: chicken, turkey, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys … But the greatest part of this particular place remains untouched and is covered with woods and flowers as far as the eyes can see. The cattle grazes in huge and overly abundant flower meadows. A detailed map indicates all the points of sale and restaurants that participate in the Agroxerxa project, contributing to the consumption of local products.

Homo Sapiens in a perfect symbiosis with fauna and flora

It sounds like a dream but it isn’t.

Neither is it election propaganda before the European elections on May 26th. If there was a party that offered me this vision, I would – without any doubt – go for it! But I think that emigration is a far more realistic plan.

Holidays are, of course, always special and I’m realistic enough to know that every medal has two sides. A chat with the residents reveals that the place needs to be avoided in July and August, where too many tourists invade the place. Many of them are not as respectful than they should and behave according to the motto: after me – the deluge.

But … after this invasion, they clean up for the real travelers (as opposed tourists) who visit the island with the gentle foot (hiking, biking) and who are looking for the paradise I was lucky to discover last week: Menorca.

To me, this magical island is a role model when it comes to sustainability, friendliness and – above all: respect. Respect for other people, the environment and the animals. I’m sure that not everything is perfect – Homo Sapiens obviously is not – but here’s a place that we can learn from. What about implementing the one or the other aspect in our daily lives, even if politics and authorities do not suggest it? Compared to this self-evident naturalness, we are way behind.

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